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Submission Overview

Coaches can submit tournaments to the TXHSG Rankings in 2 simple ways – either e-mailing tournament results to our support staff support@texashighschoolgolf.com or uploading them through our Submission Portal, which is as simple as copying and pasting tournament scores into a spreadsheet. Coaches submitting tournament scores are able to do so 24/7, and there is no cost to submit tournament scores to TXHSG.


New rankings will be calculated and updated every Thursday at 2PM, thus all new tournaments need to be submitted by Wednesday at 5PM. Any tournament submitted after the weekly deadline will be included in the following week’s rankings

Submitting Scores Via Submission Upload

Download the TXHSG excel spreadsheet template by clicking here.

  • If you you have a TXHSG account or an account from another tour that uses ShotStat, click here to login.
  • If you need your password reset, click here.
  • If you do not have an account, click here to create a new account. 

Submitting Via E-mail

To submit your scores to our support staff, e-mail them to support@texashighschoolgolf.com and we can input them for you. Preferred format would be Word document, spreadsheet, or PDF, but we can accept any means of submission. If there are issues, we will contact the submitter.

You must include in your submission:

  • Tournament name, dates & course
  • Number of holes played each day
  • Yardage, slope and rating
  • Team/school full name & scores
  • Individual full names and scores
  • Class year is preferred (if available)

Can't Figure the Spreadsheet Out?

No problem - our support staff is here to help! You can e-mail scores to support@texashighschoolgolf.com and we will input them for you.

We would prefer that you e-mail them to us in the Submission Spreadsheet, but we can accept Word documents, PDFs, other Excel documents or Text Files.