Texas High School Golf

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be ranked in the THSG Rankings?

All varsity high school golf teams and varsity high school players are eligible for rankings. Submitting scores into our system is the key – if we don’t have your scores, we can’t rank your tournament.

What tournaments are ranked?

THSG accepts any varsity-level high school golf tournament that has more than 2 teams and abides by USGA and/or UIL/TAPPS rules. Tournaments must complete at least 18 holes – 9-hole tournaments are not eligible to be ranked (27 hole events shortened by weather can be ranked). Match play results will not be included in a ranking either.

Who can submit tournaments, and how do they do it?

Any high school coach can submit a tournament as long as the proper information is included – date, course name, tournament name, yardage, slope/rating, team scores and player scores. However, we would prefer that scores be submitted by the tournament host or one of the coaches playing in the tournament. To submit a tournament, click on the “Submit Tournament” button in the top menu bar, and then either e-mail them to us or use the Submission Spreadsheet. For more details, read our Submitting Tournaments page.

When I submit a tournament, what happens?

When a tournament is submitted into the THSG system, our support staff is notified for a thorough review of the data to make sure there are no major errors (spellings, duplicate scores, correct slope/rating, team names, etc) or the tournament is not a duplicate event, and then it is approved for display and added into the ranking calculations.

When do rankings come out/update?

In the inaugural year, the first ranking will come out in mid-October, and rankings will be updated every Thursday following that, through the conclusion of the state tournaments in May. In subsequent years, the first ranking will be posted the 3rd or 4th week of September.

How do I view the full Player and Team Rankings?

On the THSG home page, the Top 10 players and teams will be displayed; to view the full team or player rankings, a player/parent/coach will have to create an account and log in.

What does it cost to create an account?

Nothing! There is no cost to anyone to create an account and view the full rankings. All you have to do is set up a simple FREE profile and create a username and password. Coaches will also be required to have a username and password to upload tournaments into the system.

Can I view tournament scores and team/player scores?

Yes. Below the rankings boxes on the home page there is also a section that shows recent tournament results. There you can click on a tournament and see both the team and individual scores for all rounds played. You can also do a “Team Search” by typing the name of a school into the search bar. Each team will have a “Team Page” that has all their tournament results, as well as active players on the team and their individual tournament results.

Why don’t I see my tournament results?

There are 2 reasons why a tournament may not show up in the tournament results and in the rankings:

  • There was an error in the tournament submission. In this case, our staff is reviewing the submission and should solve the error shortly.
  • The tournament was not submitted. We can only display/rank tournaments that have been submitted, so if you don’t see your tournament, please check with your high school coach and encourage them to submit results, or have someone do it for them.

Is there a deadline for submitting a tournament?

Yes and no. For a tournament to be included in a Thursday ranking release, it must be submitted and approved by Wednesday at 5PM. If a tournament is submitted after that date, it will be included in the following week’s rankings – so no matter how long ago the tournament was, submit it to us! The only hard deadline for tournament submissions will be the start of District play. Once District play begins each year, “regular season” scores will no longer be accepted.

Why would a team or player rank change?

There are many reasons why rankings move up or down, with the most common being better or worse scores shot by that team or player. But remember, scores are constantly being submitted each week, so even if your team or player is not playing in a given week, others around him/her may be, and as their ranking moves up or down, your team or player’s may move as well, based on what happens around them.

Can I edit tournament data once it has been submitted?

No, once you have uploaded a tournament and it has been approved (all fields filed in, proper information applied, etc.), only THSG staff can make any edits. If you see a mistake on a tournament, please e-mail txhsgolf@gmail.com to notify the support staff and we can make the correction.

What if my player profile information is incorrect?

Similarly to editing tournaments, if any player information is incorrect (spelling, class year, team, etc.), please e-mail txhsgolf@gmail.com to notify the support staff.