Texas High School Golf

How To Get Ranked


First ranking published Dec. 5

Ranking Guidelines

The Texas High School Golf Rankings are geared toward all high school golfers across the state of Texas in any classification, region and district. For a player to appear on in the TXHSG Rankings, these guidelines must be met:

  • Player must be enrolled in high school and participating on the school’s golf team
  • Tournaments must be varsity-level events with more than 2 teams
  • Tournament must abide by USGA/UIL rules of golf
  • Tournaments must be at least 18 holes of stroke play (Match Play tournaments will not be ranked)
  • Tournament results must be submitted through THSG website with proper yardage, slope/rating and all player and team scores
  • For Team Rankings, team must have minimum 4 players in a tournament to count (4 best scores will be used for each round)


***Note: For the final, post-state championship rankings, only players that have participated in 2 events or more will be included in the ranking. Players that participated in only 1 submitted event can still be viewed in the player or team profile.** 

How the Rankings are Calculated

We use three criteria to computer a player or team’s ranking, as well as a few small multiplier bonuses.

Tournament Score

The majority of the calculated ranking will be based on tournament score as it compares to yardage, slope and rating of the golf course played. This scoring differential will account for 85% of the player or team ranking.

Strength of Field

The relative “strength” of the rest of the tournament field (both for the individual and team ranking) will be computed in the ranking and count for 10%. Strength of Field will constantly update for each event as more tournament scores are added.

Top Finishes

Finishes in the Top 10% (minimum Top 3) of a tournament will be counted as 5% of the player or team’s ranking calculation.

Other Multipliers

Small multipliers bonuses will be applied to a player or team’s rankings for special circumstances, such as Top 3 finishes at District, Regionals & State Tournaments (Top Finishes Multiplier) and Top 25% finishers at 2-day tournaments (Strength of Field Multiplier).